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The Zero 5.0 is a one-piece made entirely of 5mm iStretch neoprene with a new composition that makes it much more flexible and lighter, as well as increasing thermal protection. Inside it is combined with Helioflex chest and back panels, this material makes the contact with the diver's skin pleasant and comfortable, while maintaining body heat and providing quick drying. It incorporates an inner micro sleeve and a new WSS (Water Stop System) neck closure that prevents massive water entry through the neck, the most vulnerable area in wet suits, as well as keeping the zipper secured to prevent unintentional opening. A zipper at the front of the collar makes it easy to adjust and put on. The ultra-flexible iStretch neoprene makes it easy to put on and move around in and out of the wetsuit before and after the dive. It incorporates Supratex reinforcements in shoulders and knees, this material does not limit the elasticity of the neoprene. The Zero 5.0 is an ideal choice for divers looking for freedom of movement and protection for a temperate water dive or on liveaboard expeditions, where numerous dives are made per day. Features: 5mm thick 100x100 iStretch 100x100 neoprene. High comfort and quick-drying Helioflex inner panels. Micro sleeve inside the neck of 1 mm thick. WSS collar closure system. Small front zipper on collar. Double stitched outer seams. YKK back zipper that remains covered when suit is closed. Non-corrosive metal zipper slider. Supratex shoulder and knee reinforcements. Heavy-duty plastic logo printing.