V4TEC Spring-Heel-Straps/ räpyläjouset

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V4TEC Räpylä jouset sopivat useimmille jetari tyyppisten räpylöiden kanssa ja sama jousi menee kaikkien kokojen kanssa.

V4TEC Springstraps are made to replace the rubber made heelstraps from fins. The advantage of a steel spring is, that it is not expected, that it will tear apart

in a unsuitable moment, what is a mentioned an extension of the security of your diving. But it would struck you right away that springstraps provides
you much more comfort in slipping in or out of the fins. Even with thick gloves or cold fingers it´s easy to grasp the springs and pull them over the heel. The length of the spring is adjustable, so they fit perfect independent the size of your feets, the fins or the boots.
The whole spring is covered with a plastic hose, which protects you from getting the springstraps entangled with caveline and also your boots are protected against abrasion.
Springstraps are used with Jet-Fins, Turtle-Fins, Pro-Fins, and some Scubapro-Fins.