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The Oceanus PS model is the single piston TDS series regulator. Simple configuration for high reliability and light weight. Ideal for diving schools, divers who are looking for simplicity, but also chosen by technical divers for stages. The first stage has 4 low pressure LP ports and one high pressure HP port, which allows a standard configuration with an additional low pressure outlet to connect a dry suit inflation hose. The body is made of marine grade brass with a matte acid chrome plating on the body for a very attractive appearance. The balanced second stage has a venturi control to prevent continuous flow and is made entirely of durable thermoplastic. First and second stage communicate with a 74 cm LP hose, with swivel on the second stage. First Stage: Machined from marine grade brass. Single piston. Medium pressure 140 +/- 5 PSI (9.65 +/- .35 BAR) adjustable (on SAT). 4 LP low pressure ports. 1 HP ports. DIN 300 and INT Yoke versions. Rubber sealing plug on both versions. Second Stage: Pneumatically compensated. Abrasion resistant thermoplastic. Venturi control knob. Rubber purge button with logo engraving. 74 cm LP hose. Technical Specifications: Maximum Working Pressure: INT 3300 PSI / 232 Bar. DIN 4350 PSI / 300 Bar. Intermediate Pressure: 140 +/- 5 PSI (9.65 +/- .35 BAR). Ports / Outlets: 1 HP 7/16", 4 MP 3/8". ANSTI Tested Depth: 80 M. Certified Depth: 50 M.