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The TDS Jet Fin Xtreme fin is one of the shortest fin of its kind, with edge on the side designed for heightened manoeuvrability, making it popular (as the previous model) among technical and commercial divers. Made of 100% rubber with a compact design for an efficient mobility, has a dynamic edge for powerful thrust; this design decreases drag on the upward kick and enhances thrust on the downward kick. This all with the channels give to the fin maximum efficiency, mobility, and propulsion. Stainless steel spring straps with an easy-grip loop, and angled strap mount for unparalleled heel comfort, that also allows hang up on the harness or for storage. Features: 100 % rubber. Reduced hydrodynamic design. Reinforced edge sides. Channels technology. Large foot pocket. Stainless Steel spring straps. Easy-grip back loop.
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