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The TDS Tac Black regulator has been designed from the well-known and successful TDS's Gull Z Tek , for the special units of different armies. With a completely black design characteristic in the tactical bodies, the Gull Tactical reduces the size of the first stage, making it more compact by eliminating the rotating turret and maintaining the double membrane system for cold water. It is perfect to use in single mounting, or assembly in twin tanks, sidemount or independent stages in a single tank. Available in both INT and DIN system, the one used in the armies due to the greater reliability in high pressures, compact size in the fitting with the valve as if reliability against shocks with objects of the valve and first stage. Features Gull TAC 1st Stage: First stage manufactured from a block of marine brass which is then chrome plated to increase corrosion resistance. Black finish. Balanced pneumatically compensed diaphragm. DIN connector that can be used at pressures of up to 300 bar (4350 psi). Adjustable intermediate pressure. Cold and polluted waters kit included. 4 LP output (low pressure) 3/8 ". 2 HP outputs(high pressure) 7/16". Adjustable intermediate pressure 0.35 +/- 9.7 bar (140 +/- 5 psi). Flex Hose. Gull Tek Reversible 2nd Stage Features: Second stage made of chrome plated marine brass and thermoplastic which provide great strength and durability. Pneumatically compensated. Lighter than Gull Tek second stage predecesor. Heat exchanger that improves performance in cold waters. Easily replaceable nozzle for optimal fit. Control Venturi to minimize entry into continuous flow. Dial for adjusting the inhalation effort. Regulator bag included.