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The Scuba 7.0 is a TDS wetsuit for scuba diving with 7 mm integral one-piece format with integrated hood with front opening and ankle zippers, making it a particularly versatile and comfortable suit, especially when it comes to putting it on. The outer neoprene lining has Ultra Resistant protection against the sun and salt water, making it a very durable suit over time even when subjected to the harshest conditions. The hood has a face cuff to prevent massive water entry and micro-perforations to facilitate air evacuation. It also has Supratex reinforcements against abrasion in the areas of greatest contact and friction: knees, crotch, and shoulders. In short, the Scuba is an ideal all-rounder suit, both for dive centers that need a durable and resistant suit, and for the diver who is looking for a suit with great thermal protection, durable, easy, and quick to put on. Features: 7 mm thick neoprene one-piece Jumpsuit. Ultra-Resistant outer protection against the elements. YKK diagonal front zipper. Smooth neoprene facial contour skirt. Ankle zippers. Integrated hood with perforations to aid air evacuation. Supratex abrasion protection on knees, crotch, and shoulders. Engraved Size on cuff.
Koot S-3XL

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