HUNTER X3 75 CM (60&90CM mallit pyydettäessä)

Toimitusaika: 7-14 päivä(ä)


The SeaPro Hunter X3 speargun has been designed with an elliptical frame which is made from a durable aircraft grade aluminium alloy. The trigger mechanism is made from heavy metal 350 stainless steel. The handle is ergonomic right-handed. Extra standard handle included. The loading butt is made from a softer material which makes it easier to load. There is a hook on the base of the handle for fixing the line or a reinforced snap hook. One of the main features of the SeaPro Hunter is the multi-rubber closed / open muzzle which can be changed from closed to open without tools. Aircraft grade aluminium alloy elliptical barrel. Shaft guide. Ergonomic handle plus extra standard handle. New Heavy Metal trigger mechanism. Chest loading pad. Handle with hook for line fixing or reinforced snap hook. Closed / Open multi band muzzle 2×16 mm black over amber bands with articulated wishbone for supreme power. Rubber shock absorber. Shaft 6,5 mm hardened notched shaft with a single barb and a tri-cut point.
Tästä mallista on kolme eri koko 60,75 ja 90 cm pituiset, 60 cm ja 90 cm malli on saatavilla erikseen kysyessä. hinta ero on +-3€ tähän malliin