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Semi-long fin offering great versatility. Designed for the shore launching hunters who not only dives hard but also needs to cover a lot of surface distance in a typical hunting session. Most Scandinavians hunt from shore and spend a lot of time travelling spot to spot across the surface. They need a fin that not only performs well when diving but also something that will help them cover the distances needed. These are highly responsive and return a great amount of energy. A great multipurpose fin, great for diving and great for powering across the surface. SeaPro Hunter Power fins are a phenomenal spearfishing fin and represent exceptional value for money. Most fins above this price point are fixed single units however these speed fins have removable blades and separate foot pockets. This is normal reserved for fins at a much higher price. Soft foot pockets are super comfy – SeaPro Hunter foot pockets have become very popular in their own right. Reactive and progressive blades and very comfortable foot pockets.
Koot 38-48

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