Hunter 7 Lady

Toimitusaika: 7-14 päivä(ä)


The fabrics camouflage pattern specially designed for SeaPro in close co-operation with market leaders within spear fishing to be used in Scandinavian waters. The green color has specifically been chosen to match the camouflage color of the Scandinavian special forces. Yamamoto 39 Neoprene stands out with its high thermal insulation, resistance to crushing, characteristic comfort and environmentally friendly structure. The neoprene is of the most environmentally friendly type. The outer surface is Micro Polyester jersey, the inner surface is Open cell. The outside Micro Polyester jersey fabric is elastane-reinforced to make it the most flexible and durable. Cushion reinforcement in the chest area that makes it easy to load harpoons. Knee and elbow protection specially designed for SeaPro. Safe and durable buckle fastening system. Ergonomic cut. 7 mm and sizes from W2 (S) till W6 (XXL).
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