DUX Trim pocket with plastic buckle



DUX Trimmi paino tasku.

DUX Trim pocket is primarily intended to be placed on the tank strap attaching the single tank to the backplate or jacket.
However, the pocket can be worn on any strap of 50mm width, such as a weight belt.

The pocket is designed for lead in the form of a solid cube or bag with cold shots and can hold a load up to 2,5kg.
The internal space dimension of the pocket is 9x12x3,5cm.

The pocket is closed with a flap secured with Velcro over which is still a safety strap with a plastic buckle.
Accidental opening of the pocket is thus impossible.

Price is for 1pc. If you need a pair it is necessary to order 2pcs.

Material: Cordura 1100