Black Weight Vest60-80kg(muut koot pyydettäessä)

Toimitusaika: 7-14 päivä(ä)


Hunter Weight Vest helps to reduce the weight on the waist in free diving. It will make a more comfortable dive by spreading the weight to the upper part of the body, and to make the upper part of the body parallel to the surface when at the surface. It is made of 45mm environmental Neoprene fabric. 6 weight compartments. Sold excluding lead weights. Designed for safety to be easily removed in case of emergency. Model 1 for a person 60-80 kilo. Model 2 for 80-100 kilo. Model 3 for 100-120 kilo. Holds a total of 4,5 kilo SeaPro weights - each 750 gram.
Ilmoita kokosi tilausta tehdessä.Muut koot pyydettäessä erikseen,hintavaikutus aina seuvaan kokoon o,+7€