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AL1800NP sopii hyvin kaikenlaiseen suomisukellukseen päävaloksi.

AL1800NP Li ion Rechargeable Battery Narrow Beam LED Light. The Bigblue AL 1800NP LED delivers great luminosity at 1800 lumens in 10 degree light beam. The sleek and ultra-compact aluminum body can withstand the most rugged diving situation. It offers 6,500K sun white light output. 4 levels of brightness and SOS controlled by a reliable push button with battery indicator which can be one hand operation. The rechargeable 26650 battery pack comes with a smart charger, enabling you to quick-charge the battery pack in 2-3 hours. The 4 steps power adjustment lets you choose between four output levels, IV at 100%, III at 50%, II at 25% or I at 10%, extending the burn time and reducing reflections at close range. Replaceable 26650 battery. Lanyard included.